5 Benefits of Managed VPS for Small Business

If you take your online business as a serious one, then it would no longer be optional but compulsory for you to move from a host that is being shared to VPS for the growth and reliability of your business. Here are the five benefits you would get from VPS that is managed for your business.

Quicker Performance – when visiting a website, the load time is one of the important things to a user. Statistics have revealed that user would most likely leave a website if it fails to load within 6-7 seconds and if they wait, the number of pages visited would be reduced. It is a well-known fact that Google uses speed to rank websites and to have more visits and customers, the key is to have a faster website. VPS hosting provides your website an improved performance and loads faster than shared hosting at an affordable price.

Scalable– VPS provides this benefit and it means that you can modify the resources given to your server (RAM, CPU, etc.) quite easily without a downtime.A shared hosting can only give you only a limited number of resources since the resources are being shared with many websites. A managed VPS, on the other hand, ensures that your server is isolated and you can request for an upgrade by contacting your host provider.

Access to customer service – The benefits of a customer service is brought about by the scalability factor. You will always get a help about your service when you have a managed VPS.  They could help by providing more resources or give you the configuration of a server.

Saves cost and time – A managed VPS saves time which in business saves costs as well. Having a server managed by your provider is a priceless benefit most importantly if you do not know the way to go about when you encounter a glitch. You are able to focus more on your business when you know that you will always get help from an expert when you are in need of it.

Provides security –A managed VPS generally provides more security compared to a shared hosting. Having a VPS means your resources are independent of others and necessary configurations for security would be made available by your provider.

In Conclusion, a managed VPS is the best solution for the growth of your small business. You would be rest assured when your website is being handled by tech experts and this makes you concentrate more on your business.